SPM 2005

Organising Committee invites for Two days course on Functional Neuroimaging and Image Processing using Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM) on 8th and 9th January 2005, at IIITM-K, Technopark Trivandrum.

Statistical Parametric Mapping


The advances in Information Technology have revolutionized the field of Radiology and Medical Imaging. RADINFO is a group of like minded scientists who are one or other way engaged in the field of Computers in Radiology. The group has organised a one day course on Computers in Radiology( RADINFO2004) in May 2004. In continuation to the above course the group has decided to conduct a course on Functional Imaging. Based on the felt need it has been decided to hold a two day CME on Functional Neuroimaging and Image Processing. The goal of functional neuroimaging is to map the activity of the living brain in space and time. The gold standard for measuring brain cell activity is direct and invasive electrical recording of membrane potential of individual neurons; however, such measurements are limited to certain experimental conditions. To study the above Functional MRI( fMRI) was developed during last decade. The objective of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is to map active areas of the brain corresponding to specific tasks or stimuli. Interest in fMRI is growing rapidly since it is a non invasive technique, provides excellent resolution, and can be performed on widely available instrumentation. Therefore, fMRI can be expected to play an increasing role in the Neurosciences, as well as in clinical diagnosis and therapy of brain disorders. The image processing of fMRI data can be done using several image processing techniques. The most popular technique used widely by the neuro scientists is Statistical Parametric Mapping( SPM) developed by the Wellcome Department of Imaging Neuroscience, University College, London. SPM refers to the construction and assessment of spatially extended statistical processes used to test hypotheses about functional imaging data. These ideas have been instantiated in software that is called SPM. The SPM software package has been designed for the analysis of brain imaging data sequences. The sequences can be a series of images from different cohorts, or time- series from the same subject. Every clinician or a computer specialist working in the field of functional neuroimaging will be benefited if they use this wonderful tool for processing of the functional neuroimaging data.
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Initiating research in various aspects of Functional Neuroimaging and Image Processing
Encourage both Technologists and Radiologists to work together in the new areas of Image processing using SPM
To launch a complete course on Radiology Informatics


fMRI, Theoretical Foundation
Introduction to SPM philosophy
SPM Preprocessing
Statistical Parametric Mapping
Hands- on Walk through on sample Dataset
Procedural Implementation and Experimental Design
Design of fMRI Experiments
Case Study on SPM
Lab (Hands- on session for case study)


This is designed for the Radiologists, Technologists, other Clinicians, Computer Scientists and Engineers interested in Medical Image Processing.

The course is limited to 25 participants. This includes 5 student participants.


Prof.K.Mohandas, Director, SCTIMST
Prof. R.Bhaskaran, Director-Administration, IIITM-K

Faculty Dr. S. Bapi Raju

Dr Bapi Raju is a Reader in Dept of Computer and Information Science University of Hyderabad. Dr. Bapi Raju is a Ph D from University of Texas, Arlington. Dr Raju is working in the area of SPM for last 4 years. Dr Raju has number of papers published in this area of research. He was Visiting Researcher, ATR Lab, Kawato, JAPAN and was a Research Fellow, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK.

Organizing Committee Prof. A.K.Gupta Head, Department of Radiology, SCTIMST
Prof. T.R. Kapilamurthy, Addl.Prof., Department of Radiology, SCTIMST
Dr. P.S. Mathuranath, Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology, SCTIMST
Prof. K.Revathy Prof. Department of Computer Science, University of Kerala
Dr.V.R.Ravindran, Manager, NDT, VSSC
Dr. Harikuman Nair, Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology, Medical College, Trivandrum
Dr.Bejoy Thomas, Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology, SCTIMST
Mr.S.Rajkumar VP, Linuxsense Information Systems
Dr.Ashwin Kumar, Associate Professor, RCC
Dr.Kesavadas, C. , Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, SCTIMST
Dr.K.Srinivasan, Project Coordinator, Telehealth, IIITMK

Course Coordinators

Dr.K.Srinivasan, IIITM-K, Technopark, Trivandrum
Dr.Kesavadas C. SCTIMST, Medical College, Trivandrum


Conference Hall, IIIITM-K, Technopark, Trivandrum 695 581


8th January at 8.30 a.m. The sessions will begin at 9 a.m. The registration fee for the programme is Rs. 1000 for professionals and Rs. 500 for students. This includes Course Materials, working lunch and tea. All participants requested to pay the registration fee through Demand Draft in favour of Director, IIITMK, Payable at Trivandrum along with registration form.

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