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Medical Imaging Informatics Group

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On this page we will list all of the activities we have as part of our main contribution to Medical Imaging Research.

Background  of the Group

Preliminary to this course the group named Radinfo has already conducted number of workshops, discussion meetings and short courses. The courses were in the broad topics on Computers in Radiology, Statistical Parametric Mapping for Human brain mapping, fMRI, and EEG. There are also students pursuing post graduate studies in Computer Science and Bio Medical Engineering who are engaged in research in this area. For example, four of the Post Graduate students of Computer Science of the University have done their research in the area of Coregistraion and segmentation of Medical Images.   Based on the efforts put in conducting the short courses and the research outputs we are also keen on starting a programme on Medical Informatics specialized in Imaging Techniques.


Medical Imaging


Medical College PO, Trivandrum India